Faroese Telecom – Market Opportunity Analysis

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FirstPartner delivered the evidence necessary to take a critical market entry investment decision based on in depth primary customer insight research and competitor analysis.

The Challenge

Having identified an initial target for its internationalisation strategy, Faroese Telecom needed to develop a deep understanding of the market, the likely customer response to its differentiated offering and the potential financial return.


Working closely with the client’s management team, FirstPartner undertook an in depth analysis of the telecoms and TV infrastructure and competitive landscape in the target region.  An extensive qualitative and quantitative primary customer research study delivered insight into consumer and business attitudes to existing providers and switching behavior and tested the proposed customer proposition.  The research evidence was built into a Return on Investment  assessment and strategic recommendations.

Key Deliverables

  • An in-depth competitive analysis of the target market
  • Deep research based insight into likely consumer uptake
  • A research led Return on Investment assessment
  • A Board level workshop to facilitate an investment decision


A well structured, evidence based assessment delivered  by the FirstPartner team allowed the client to take a critical market entry decision and focus its investment effectively.

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